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Glofin is a specialty finance company which aims to provide financial strength to all working families and level the playing field with the corridors of power at America’s largest corporations. Global provides low-cost financing to injured workers who may not have the assets or current income to obtain funding from traditional banks and credit unions. And Global helps build better lives for working families of those who have been injured on the job by providing the necessary financing to get them there.

Since 1908, the Federal Employee Liability Act (FELA) has protected railway workers from the dangerous job they face every day. In concept, the FELA is very similar to both the Jones Act and the labor laws found in each state. This law protects injured railway workers in the same fashion as the Jones Act. If a railroad worker is injured on the job, then their injury is not subject to Workers’ Compensation laws, but rather to FELA. The FELA allows injured railway workers who may be members of the BLE and UTU to sue their employer for lost wages, future lost wages or pain and suffering. The FELA dates back to 1908 when the average life of a railroad worker was only nine years. The railroad conglomerates have been lobbying the United States Congress to repeal the FELA which shows very little sympathy to the hard working BLE & UTU Union members who risk their lives every day so the people of our country can receive the transported goods which must travel by railway. When workers are injured they may have some type of disability insurance or they may apply for a Lawsuit loan cash advance from companies that offer low rates on FELA cases. Glofin is one such company that offers low cost cash advance on pending FELA claims.

Litigation funding is a new industry which will grow substantially so that the under-financed plaintiffs of this country can stand up to the deep pocketed defendants and receive the settlement they deserve from the injuries they sustained by the negligent acts of another. Glofin has become a specialist in the field of providing Litigation loans.

The Protection Of FELA

Our View of the Current FELA Situation

UTU & BLE Union members and their designated counsel have been facing a problem with regards to injured railway workers and the protection they are entitled to. These Union members are covered by the Federal Employee Liability Act or FELA, which protects them due to their dangerous occupation. However, in recent years the large railroad companies have been using sly tactics to try and show that on the job injuries are declining and that the FELA should be repealed. They are offering maintenance income (or maintenance wages) if an employee who is claiming to be injured does not hire an attorney to represent him/her in a FELA claim. The railroads have been known to try to influence doctors in how they treat injured railway workers in an effort to reduce the number and severity of reported injuries.

Unfortunately, there are strong lobbying efforts by the large railroad and shipping companies to have these acts repealed. They are trying to make a case that the jobs these men and women face each day have become safer. Although it is clear that the jobs have not become safer, these large corporations are creating statistics that are not accurate with regards to the numbers of injuries that occur each year. Employees are being steered away from reporting injuries in many different ways and it is important that these biased statistics not be used to repeal the two strongest federal liability acts that protect these workers in the United States.

Railroad workers and longshoremen are the very people that help transport the energy and goods we use everyday. Without them, the United States would come to a standstill. They risk their health each and every day by working in very hazardous conditions. If these workers were not protected, then it would be difficult to recruit new employees and ultimately cause more problems for the businesses that employ them.

Our own view of the Federal Employee Liability Act (FELA), as it relates to Union railroad workers, is that something must be done now to stop the major railroad companies from convincing the United States Federal Government that conditions are much safer and that the FELA should be abolished. Their lobbying efforts and financial tactics of advancing wages to injured workers are having a real effect on the future of FELA and the protection it brings to BLE members and UTU members.

They are making the argument to the government that railroad injury claims are steadily declining and that this is a direct correlation to a safer working environment for its railroad workers. This is not true and the only statistics we believe to be accurate show that injuries remain steady amongst railroad workers while injury claims have declined since the railroad companies began offering maintenance income to injured workers.

At Glofin., we believe all workers need access to affordable financing so they can make their own choice about whether to report an injury or not. Union workers should not be forced into letting short term financial requirements determine the choices for their future and that of their family. Our Maintenance Income financial products are designed to provide low cost financing to injured workers so they can make their own choices without influence from their employers.

Experience and Financial Strength

Our team brings to BLE and UTU Union members and their families the financial resources needed to achieve a truly fair settlement or judgment from their FELA claim. Global is not capital constrained and does not have to raise money every time a case is funded.

Glofin’s infrastructure was designed to fund thousands of advances per month totaling in millions of dollars. Our experience from evaluating more than 20,000 personal injury, FELA & Jones Act cases in the past 10 years qualifies us to serve Union workers by quickly evaluating their claims and approving them for financing within hours of their application.

What Glofin Can Provide

Global can provide the following to Union workers sanctioned under the division of the IBT conference that have hired a designated Union attorney and have a pending FELA claim:

  • Standard Maintenance Income equal to that offered by railroad

  • No taxes deducted from income, putting more money into a member’s pocket.
  • Our lowest fees ever offered (see below)
  • Direct Deposit
  • Security, knowing that repayment is contingent upon a successful resolution in the FELA claim.
  • Designated Toll Free number for Union Worker applications.
  • If the case is lost, then the Union Worker keeps the money and has not obligation to re pay it. The funding is not debt. It is only repayable if the case is successful.
  • Financial independence to see the case through.
  • Staying out of the FELA claim itself.

Maintenance Wage Rates

Global offers and exclusive, low rate to BLE & UTU Union Workers in exchange for a portion of the FELA settlement amount. Following a train accident or train wreck the Railway Companies offer Maintenance Wages to BLE & UTU members if the member does not hire counsel to represent them. These members can now report the injury and get Maintenance Wages from Global while they are waiting for their settlement.

All fees and the repayment of principal are contingent upon the successful resolution of the FELA claim. If the case is lost, then we lose all of our money and therefore, our fees reflect this risk. This level of risk is not acceptable to conservative banks or credit unions, which is why they are not in our business.

Dangerous railway conditions still exist!

The conditions that railroad workers face each day is deteriorating at a rapid pace. Old tracks and switches that have not been updated for decades are being ignored until there is a major injury or death. It seems that the railroad companies believe this is the most cost effective way of dealing with the maintenance of their equipment which in turn affects the cost of the health of the very employee that runs their trains.

Pressure should be put on the railroad companies at the highest level and all railroad workers. It is important that the members of the UTU and BLE unite together in this common effort to make the railway a safer place to work. These unions have not typically worked together, however, this is a common cause that affects each organization and its’ members alike and should be addressed in unity.

The National Association of Railroad Passengers is responsible for investigating major accidents.

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The information contained in this article is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice as Glofin is not a law firm. You should always consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation.

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