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We know how hard it can be to fight a lawsuit, even if you have a strong case. Having time, resources and money to fight a lawsuit isn’t something most people can do on their own. At Global Financial Credit LLC., we offer you the help you need to ensure your lawsuit is brought to court. Global Financial Credit LLC. offers lawsuit loans, which are loans that are a percentage of the future winnings or settlement from the lawsuit you are going to bring to court.

Settlement Lawsuit Loans: Who are they for?

Lawsuit loans are perfect for many types of people. Lawsuit loans can help people who have just lost their job, are in the hospital, or have other pressing financial needs that need to be taken care of. With lawsuit loans from Global Financial Credit LLC., you can continue living your life without worry as your attorney works on your case and gets you as much return as possible on your pending lawsuit.

Lawsuit Loans: How do they work?

Settlement lawsuit loans from Global Financial Credit LLC. are more of an investment than a loan. If it were a loan, then it has to be paid back no matter what, but since it is an investment on Global Financial Credit’s part, it does not need to be paid back if the pending lawsuit is lost. Settlement lawsuit loans from Global Financial are kept by the plaintiff if they lose their case. They do not have to pay back a dime to Global Financial Credit LLC. However, if they win, then the lawsuit loan must be paid back. For more information on rates and fees, please see our fees page.

Because not every case is the same, Global Financial Credit LLC., must evaluate each lawsuit individually before giving out any lawsuit loans. Remember that Global Financial Credit LLC., is making an investment and will receive nothing in return if the case is lost.

What does a Lawsuit Loan cost me?

There are absolutely no fees to get started. You will only pay fees if there is a successful outcome in your claim. There are no fees during the course of the lawsuit as well. Should your case lose in court, you will pay zero fees and you will be able to keep your lawsuit loans for free.
To see fees associated with our lawsuit loans (which are only applicable if your case is successful) please go to our fees page.

How do I get started?

In order to get started, we will need your information so we can give you and your lawsuit a free evaluation to see if you are eligible for a lawsuit loan. To get started, please click the apply now button below, which will take you to our fast and easy lawsuit loans application page.

If you have questions about whether your case qualifies for a lawsuit loan from Global Financial Credit LLC., then please see the “Do I Qualify” page here.

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  • Medical Expenses
  • Paying Bills
  • Replacement Vehicle
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The information contained in this article is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice as Global Financial is not a law firm. You should always consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation.

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