What is a Pre Settlement Funding?

Pre-Settlement is the period of time after which a claim has been brought by plaintiff and prior to the execution of the settlement agreement, verdict or judgment. The period of time during which a legal claim is pending and unresolved. A Pre settlement funding is actually a cash advance against future claims settlement. With Glofin, a cash advance can be issued against your claim to help you with expenses, obtain a replacement vehicle or help cover medical expenses while you await settlement. There is no credit check or income verification. The process is simple and all we ask is to speak with your attorney to verify the facts of your case. Best of all, if your case is lost… you owe us nothing

Pre Settlement Funding facts

The average length of time that a legal claim remains in the pre settlement mode is 297 days. The pre settlement funding industry has adopted this term as a way of differentiating their cash advances from the structured settlements industry. No fewer than 896,000 legal claims are in the pre settlement phase at one time in the United States. During the pre settlement chapter of each worker compensation or other legal claim, the adjuster for the insurance carrier will make financial offers to the plaintiff in hopes of settling the claim. There are 6 blue chip pre settlement funding companies that represent almost 90% of all the pre settlement loans and pre settlement cash advances issued in the United States. Pre settlement financing companies are responsible for helping to level the playing field among plaintiff and defendant. These companies pay for more than 21,000 medical procedures each year that would not be possible without the pre settlement funding provided to them.

Things to consider about pre-settlement funding

Pre settlement finance can be an excellent way for a plaintiff to obtain surgical funding or a cash advance to pay for immediate and necessary living expenses. Pre settlement surgical funding not only allows a person to get the medical attention they need while significantly increasing the value of their legal claim. The pre settlement period of a legal claim is the most important time to document the damages and build the case. Most people do not settle with insurance companies on a regular basis so it is often important to hire an attorney early on in your legal claim. The lawyer can help you build you legal case during the pre settlement period of you legal claim. All too often, people try to avoid paying a legal fee by handling their own legal claim. Statistics show that plaintiff usually pocket more money when they hire an attorney to represent them.

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The information contained in this article is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice as Glofin is not a law firm. You should always consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation.

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