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At Glofin, we aim to work alongside your client in order to provide them with the financial support they need while you work to settle their lawsuit. We understand you are the expert in the field of law while we are experts in utilizing our resources to manage your client’s financial needs through our pre-settlement cash advance. We equip your client with the cash necessary in order to continue a normal lifestyle and make necessary payments while you focus on settling their case.

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What Our Clients Have to Say


Of Course! Although your attorney does not specialize in financial transactions it would be a good idea to have him/her review our simple three page agreement before you sign it.


No. Because we take the risk of settlement together with the claimant and attorney, courts have continuously ruled that our advance is not a loan. Therefore, our advancements and fees are not subject to usury laws.

Yes. Assuming there is sufficient information and documentation in the file for us to make a determination as to the approximate value of the case.

Absolutely . You can pay any amount advance which will reduce your monthly fee.

No. There is no recourse against you and we will not try to collect the money from you. Once we advance cash it is yours to keep. This is called non-recourse funding.

No. The percentage of the cases we invest into is not affected in any way by the time it takes for a case to settle. Whether you settle in 2 months or obtain a verdict in 5 years, their is no financial obligation until resolution of the case.

We advance money by purchasing a portion of the anticipated settlement. We do not loan you money. We advance money now in return for a portion of your potential proceeds, whenever that may be. Just like yourself and your attorney, we take the risk of a successful resolution. If the case is lost, we lose our money.

Glofin will invest between $500 and $500,000 in a single claim or lawsuit.

You owe us absolutely nothing. That is why this is such a risky business.

We do not manage legal cases we simply advance money against them.

This of course, varies from state to state but GLOBAL is not aware of any ethics opinions which prohibit attorneys from signing a pre-settlement funding lien. In most cases we issue a Letter of Instructions from the client to the attorney instructing the attorney to place a lien in the file.

Need an answer to this question?

Glofin uses its own funds; however, we may sell these investments to institutional investors in order to raise additional capital to fund future legal cases.

After reviewing your file GLOBAL can usually have an advance in your hands within 24-48 hours. There are no lengthy applications or credit checks.

GLOBAL does not place limitations on use of proceeds; we look more favorably upon those cases where the proceeds are used to pay bills or case expenses such as expert witnesses, economists or case enhancing costs.

Glofin will invest in many different types of cases including: Personal Injury Vehicle, Personal Injury Premises, Personal Injury Assault, Workers Compensation, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice, Sexual Harassment and FELA and Jones Act.

The American Bar Association does not allow attorneys to lend cash to clients for anything but case expenses. This prohibition was established to prevent a conflict of interest from arising. If you owed your attorney money you might feel obligated to accept your attorney’s advice to settle your case when you really did not want to accept the amount offered.

Conservative financial companies, including banks, do not generally lend against a lawsuit. It is our experience that they think the business is too risky and choose only to lend against tangible assets.

Yes, the claim or lawsuit is yours and you own it, just like you own your car. After paying your attorney and medical liens, the potential remaining money is yours. You may sell or assign it.

With low overhead and a highly motivated staff, GLOBAL is able to provide good customer service and very low fees. Every business has a low cost leader and that is our goal at Global

Some companies choose to hide their fees until you are approved and are unlikely to want to go through the process again so you accept their extremely high fees. We tell you our fees upfront before you even apply.

Insurance protects you against loss or damage by a contingent event. Our Lawsuit Insurance™ cash advances protect you against no recovery in your lawsuit or claim and provide you cash now.

If so, you may want to make sure they aren’t going to be biased when representing you. Especially if they are representing you against an insurance company they have represented before.

All respectable and legitimate law firms/lawyers should have malpractice insurance.

Getting an advance on a cash settlement can really help you out in your lawsuit, so they should have some experience in dealing with companies like Glofin LLC. that can supply cash for your lawsuit.

If you win, you will have to pay them their fee, so they should have a fee agreement ready to show you. Keep in mind that there is no standard type of fee agreement. Each case is unique, so they shouldn’t apply a basic set of fees to every case.

No upfront fees should be paid in most types of personal injury and workers compensation cases. Good lawyers will only require that you pay their fees on the condition that you win the case.

Sometimes settling is better than having a drawn out lawsuit process. If they can get you cash for a settlement up front, that would eliminate the lengthy lawsuit process. Just make sure the advance cash settlement is worth it if you try to pursue this route.

One of the more important questions to ask is how much they think the case is worth. If it isn’t worth much, you can either try another lawyer who thinks they can get more from it, or you can just forget about the lawsuit altogether if you don’t think you will be getting enough out of it.

Sometimes hearing it from the source is not always the best way to get the whole story. Doing some reading from an outside source will be beneficial with helping you understand how good their firm or lawyers are. It will also give you an idea of how many times they settled or got an advance cash settlement for their clients.

If they say no, chances are they are lying or have not been in practice long enough to have had many cases. Regardless, they would most likely not be a good match.

If your case needs to be taken to trial in a high level of court, you want to make sure that they won’t drop you in the middle of it and also need to know if they are familiar with higher levels of court.

Ideally, you want someone who has a long and established career in law representing you. It is also beneficial to ask how long the other lawyers in the firm have been practicing. The more experience they have combined, the better.

You want a lawyer and firm that have a lot of experience in the area of law that your case applies to.

No. The percentage of the cases we invest in is not affected in any way by the time it takes for a case to settle. Whether you settle in 2 months or obtain a verdict in 5 years, your client has no financial obligation until resolution of the case.

No, Glofin focuses on providing your client with the money they need to make payments. We do not manage legal cases, we simply advance money against them.

Glofin simply manages a part of the case for you whilst working alongside your expertise to aid your client, not take away from your cut of the pay.

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